About Sugartooth

We created Sugartooth Dessert Platform to solve a problem we as dessert foodies were facing ourselves. We were born with food allergies and a massive sweet tooth and were unable to find cakes, cupcakes and baked goods easily and quickly.

We wasted much time searching for desserts at different places and celebrated special events without the desserts we wanted and how we would like them.

We knew there had to be a better solution, so we set out to build the most trusted site for finding artisan dessert makers and home-based bakers who caters to a variety of personalized cakes, cupcakes, baked goods, and dessert boxes for all types of occasions and who were based near you!


To make finding and purchasing the desserts people want, how they want it and for the occasion they want, near where they are located conveniently and easily. To connect niche, artisan Dessert Creators and Dessert Foodies locally and globally.

Dessert Foodies

Dessert Foodies can easily search for, browse, view social media content and reviews of Dessert Creators on our platform.

Dessert Foodies can directly email boutique Dessert Creators both home bakers and physical store owners to enquire, query and place orders for personalised cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats for any occasion and have them delivered for a fee or free pick-up at the Dessert Creators location.

They can also leave reviews to endorse Dessert Makers creative talents and innovative products to help them increase their customer base. locally and globally. 

Collectively as a community everyone benefits.

Dessert Creators

Sugartooth dessert platform presents an avenue for local small and medium and home-based businesses to showcase their desserts and baked goods thus, ensuring their products, creative talents, expertise and knowledge becomes more accessible to people in the wider dessert community is an easy and streamlined fashion.

Dessert Creators will have an additional marketing channel to increase their brand awareness and creative dessert products sales locally. They can immediately showcase new innovative creations to wide customer segments.

We believe Sugartooth can help connect the community, businesses and talented makers and make it stronger together.

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