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Sugartooth: your new dessert store

We deliver desserts right to your door. All your favourite custom, handmade desserts in one place.

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Simple delivery of favourite desserts

Discover custom, handmade desserts and decorations from niche artisan bakers and creators.

Enjoy delicious treats delivered right to your doorstep.

Enjoy delicious treats delivered to your door

Support small businesses—connect directly with Dessert Creators and help them grow their businesses.

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Find unique sweet treats online

Get personalised recommendations for unique desserts tailored to your tastes.

Support small businesses easily

Discover the sweetest treats from local artisans with Sugartooth. Enjoy fresh, delicious desserts with just a few clicks.

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Easy ordering & delivery

Enjoy a variety of payment options to make ordering easy and secure.

Bakers, Creators & Sellers

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About Us

Our mission is to connect niche, artisan Dessert Creators, Makers and Sellers to Dessert Foodies and make it as simple as possible to have your favourite desserts delivered to you.

Sugartooth is Etsy for all things Sweet.

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